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Historically we have owned and operated apartment buildings throughout Northern California and Southern California. Our constant goal and aim with each unit we manage is in providing a home for our residents that they are proud to come home to and raise a family in. We are genuinely invested and take great pride in each and every one of our residents that occupy our units, striving to create a safe and happy home environment for all.


We focus primarily on garden style apartment buildings in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego markets.


As part of our comprehensive portfolio, we own and operate light industrial real estate in Northern California, close to and along major distribution corridors. We work with medium sized to small businesses who lease our spaces.


We focus on light industrial buildings which can be divisible or occupied by a single tenant.




Due to the increasing demand for housing in both Northern and Southern, we have expanded beyond our rehab model of updating older apartment buildings—evolving to transition modern living spaces into ground-up construction for multi-family properties.

Value Add opportunities where we remodel to an updated living space has historically proven very successful for us. Ground-up development is focused on certain key California markets, with the goal of maintaining our historical long-term hold strategy.

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